Seeing as I am new to Tumblr, and relatively new to blogging as a whole, I was very surprised at something that happened this evening. Let me explain:
On Tumblr, I am currently following http://tylerknott.com/. He is a poet, a very good one may I add; today I contacted him telling him he was hot. 😛
I wasn’t expecting a reply of course. I thought, he was too good to bother replying to someone like me, but he did 😀
And so he inspired me to write today’s blog.

I am so surprised that words have such a big impact in my life. I am a softie at heart, so the clichéd ‘i love you’ from my boyfriend will make my skin tingle. But poetic phrases and sentences which have been thought out and deeply considered can be one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Been An Ear

For each
and every one
I’ve always been
an ear.
with you
since the start
and for the first time
in my
I remembered
that sometimes
it’s perfectly
to be
the mouth
and to hear the sound
of your own voice,
shaky as it
may be,

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

Do check him out and his page 😉

Goodnight dear bloggers

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