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April 23, 2012

Samyo Update

On the 9th of April, Samyo performed Worldsong! alongside over 700 singers from the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain, over 700 singers in children choirs from across the UK and other musicians at the Royal Albert Hall. I think I can say, on behalf of Samyo, it was an amazing opportunity to perform at such as prestigious venue and many of us agreed that, to be in the atmosphere on stage that night was a once in a lifetime occation.

As members of Samyo, we are regularly told that although showcasing our talent as an orchestra at concerts at various venues are important, learning skills and pieces at workshops and rehearsals are equally as important. Butwe all know concerts are the best bit.

From the stage during rehearsals:


From the audience just before the show began:


And just a picture from Music India 2011: (Look at us cuties!)


March 4, 2012

Snow in March

Today we went on a 25km walk near Dorking, Surrey. It was our navigational training and as gold Duke of Edinburgh ‘explorers,’ we were thrown in the deep end with a map and compass.

The weather was appalling. It rained for the majority of the day and when it wasn’t raining, it was hailing or snowing, in March!

Highlights of the day:
1) Standing at the top of the hills watching the snow fall on the fields and watching a train go by
2) When a woman in a car stopped to ask us for directions. What sane person stops to ask DofE kids, completely soaking wet, where to go?!
3) Getting lost in a Forest and pricking a path because Will ‘feels’ that it’s the right way

Without my group, I’d be lost. I love every single one of them. Bring on Gold!!

February 21, 2012


I haven’t had internet or 6 days! :O
Shocking I know, but last week, on Wednesday and Thursday, budding Oxbridge candidates from Forest School went to visit  both Cambridge and Oxford universities, for tours, to look around colleges and to see what life would be like if we were to attend.

I think it is fair to say that for many of us, the dream of attending such prestigious colleges are merely what we would like and not necessarily what will happen. However, this didn’t subtract from our trip to two truly stunning cities.

In summary:
Cambridge was a tiny city, more so a large town and I felt I knew my way round after 5 hours spent there. Nevertheless, it was a stunning city. It looks just as pretty as it does in the pictures with a winding river through the centre.









Oxford on the other hand was a mixture of a picturesque and modern city which created quite a bizarre world. We were walking down a road and on one side would be a building, several hundred of years old, and on the other side would be a giant glass and metal structure. However it was still somewhere I would only dream of being in 2 years.

Over-all it was a pleasant experience and I can only hope that I will be at either place when I finish school.

Oh and thanks to: Bella, Velma, Ant, Ed, Will and Josh who were there for me and cheered me up when I was very poorly in Oxford. Much love to you all xoxo

February 5, 2012

Never a white Christmas, always a white February

It is becoming a tradition in London for it to snow every February but that does not stop us all being excited and swamping every social networking site.

Now, before I start, I’m no photographer, so any photographs included in this post is merely to help you visualise what happened today.swamping every social networking site. So here’s my entry:

 As I have complete Silver Duke of Edinburgh, I am now doing Gold, for which we had a training weekend yesterday and today. 90% of it was completely pointless but today we planned our route for our practise expedition in Dartmoor.
Nothing like chasing each other around a massive snow-covered field for team-building. We shall be walking around 20km every day for 4 days climbing up to 550m above sea level. Today’s day at school started off with a snowball fight, of course, which lasted around an hour and a half. My fingers were completely numb but it was so worth it.

Building friendships/snowmen

February 3, 2012

Sponsored walk

I am planning to go to Madagascar next summer for which I need to raise £3000. To do this, I have held a Krispy Kreme sale which made me 10% of what I need and I also did a walk of the central line from West Ruislip to Leytonstone… in fancy dress.

Guess what we were?

I did it with my best friend. It was horrible but we got through it, and hopefully I can get together my money.

Oh, also, we came 2nd in house drama if you were wondering!
Back at school tomorrow and Sunday for Duke of Edinburgh, no weekend for me then.


February 2, 2012

House Drama: Woman in Mind- Alan Ayckbourn

As I refuse to do any homework tonight, I thought I would share with you the fun antics that is House Drama. I am at a private school in London, where we are split into 6 houses: Astell, Baylis, Elliot, Fanklin, Hepworth and Kingsley- all named after respectable women. Over the course of the school year, we have various house competitions such as sport, music, chess, art, cooking and drama.

Excitement is always incredibly high as each an every pupil takes these competitions very seriously. After all, the overall winning house wins the Fine Trophy at the end of the year. Our school is like Hogwarts in a way.

The play needs to be between 12 and 15 minutes long, excluding lighting changes and scene changes but including curtain roll. It must be directed by the drama captain. The chosen play can be an original, or based on a published play (which is probably the wiser and safer option.)

So our house, Astell, has chosen a play called ‘Woman in Mind.’ Personally, I have not read the entire play so I could be wrong in thinking the following: The play is about a madwoman who has an imaginary family and a real family. The plot is based on the existence of them both, with the audience not knowing which is real, until the end of the play where all is revealed.

I am not an actress, and am only taking part because a part needed to be filled at short notice. But with an excellent choice of play, I am enjoying it and am looking forward to tomorrow.
I’ll make sure I take loads of pictures and keep you posted on how it goes.

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January 22, 2012

New hair needed!

I’ve had ombre-hair for 8 months now. I bleached it first and then for summer of last year, I dyed the ends of my hair red. Once that washed out, I was left with black hair and ginger tips. It grew on me but I think it was time for a change.

So yesterday, I bought some purple hair dye and put it on top of the bleached ends. I was really disappointed with the results. The purple isn’t vibrant enough. It looks more like a tint.

I’m planning to re-do the ends the same colour very soon, so I hope it works, and will keep you updated.

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September 6, 2011

Summer 2011

So I really haven’t blogged at all this summer so here I’ll just talk, about everything I can remember.

As soon as exams were over, I had about 2 weeks to do little things like shop, catch up with friends etc. Was a nice start to the summer. Then I spent 9 days in Liverpool where I did a music summer school of Indian music, I may do another post explaining this in detail. But we did 7 days of making music from 8am to 10pm. It was intense; painful at times, but I was there with people I consider as family. It’s the only week in the year where music is the only thing I think about… as cheesy as this sounds, it’s truly my passion.

So I came back to London on the 31st of July and on the following day I went to Portugal! A week with my family first. It was nice. I don’t have a great relationship with my parents, but that week we didn’t think about the past at all. We played happy family and I really hope my little sister (she’s 9 years old) had a good time. Our hotel was a 5 minute walk away from the beach which was nice. We stayed just outside the town of Albufeira, a really cute cobbled street town. The town beach was beautiful. We went to a few water parks too, which in the heat was amazing. That may just be my first good memory with my family.

I spent the week after that in Portugal with my friends. We hired a house/villa on the beach in Albufeira. We hit the strip every night; I’m pretty sure my liver stopped functioning. Strange things happened, like part of my head got shaved and my first lesbian encounter, but we agreed: what happened in Portugal, stayed in Portugal.

I got back to England to a few visits to the beach with friends and family but before you know it was off to Huddersfield for some more music. It was great fun as Samyo did a collaboration with the National Youth Jazz Collective. We saw the amazing people, who we had seen in Liverpool earlier this summer, and it was great catching up both socially and musically.

The day after we got back to London, it was time for GCSE results. And the good times stopped. Being from a Sri Lankan family, expectations were high. I got 5A*s, 5As and a B. These weren’t bad I suppose, I just could have done a lot better.

After this, I went to Reading and went to see Hobbie Stuart and The Lion and The Wolf…

My summer has been jam-packed with music which I am so happy about. Looking back, although I had some issues with guys, which was completely my fault, I had a great time. I made a few mistakes but I don’t regret, I’ll just learn from them and never do such things again.

With that, I’m off to school again tomorrow. Sixth form. Hope you all had a great summer.


July 5, 2011

Home from Duke of Edinburgh

This weekend I went on my silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition. We went to Brecon Beacon in South Wales, which was absolutely stunning. For those of you who don’t know, Duke of Edinburgh is an award scheme which has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. I applied for bronze at school, but wasn’t excepted. People dropped out of bronze, so I complained to the school. They allowed me to apply for the silver.

The silver expedition consists of 3 days of 16-17km walked each day with 2 nights of camping. All meals, clothes and camping equipment must be carried on our backs. The Brecon Beacon is a mountain range so this task was incredibly difficult. I had an amazing group of 6 others: 2 girls and 4 guys, who helped me so much and got me through the weekend.

We left school on Friday at midday and due to the fact that we had to travel the day before, we had to cook an extra meal and camp an extra night. Although this was annoying, there was far worse to come. The weather was beautiful and to our advantage, the rain stayed away.

Saturday morning, we went through our routes and got on our way. The first day of walking is always difficult due to the lack of exercise we had all done during exams. Flats and down hill walks were manageable, but the climbs were exhausting. Sunday however was easier. We had obtained pain from the day before, but we were in the swing of walking. Some of the many injuries I have acquired are: bruised hips and shoulders due to my rucksack, nettle stings, midge bites, cuts from overgrown thorn bushes and pulled muscles.

Sunday’s walk ended quickly, as we hadn’t got lost at all so far. We arrived at our camp site which was also a caravan site before half 3 in the afternoon, which we shared we another DofE group from school, a DofE group from another school and some caravanners. This is particularly early as not many groups return to camp before at least 5pm.

We relaxed for an hour, laid in the sun, then put up our tents, but it was still too early to make dinner. We decided to play piggie in the middle with a ball we found lying around. We made two teams of 3 and 4 piggies. It was so much fun, and we were all glad we played. But things started to get serious and we made the piggies put on bibs and the contact started. I got hit and punched by both girls and guys; I even pushed a guy in my DofE group in a thorn bush (He’s okay, just a few cuts; I apologised.)

With our last night of camping over, Monday arrived with the joys of going home. We had to walk 16km before we could get on our minibus back to London. Despite this, we still had to climb Sugar Loaf Mountain, 596m above sea level. We stuck as a group and got to the top of this mountain with sheer determination and thoughts of the Burger King on the way home. We arrived at the finishing point 3 hours early, and left for London at 5pm.

I am so proud of myself and my group, and am so grateful for them helping me through the weekend.

I also crossed a bridge on the way to and from Wales… The Second Severn Crossing on the M4. It is a great bridge and the views from it are divine.

File:SecondSevernCrossing Jan2006.jpg


June 22, 2011

Food for Convenience

I am trying to go back to my size 6 bod as I want to look good for Portugal this summer! It is not happening!
I am trying to eat healthily, cutting down on the carbohydrates, finding alternatives for dairy products, water instead of juice etc but it is incredibly hard when everything around me tempts me to eat junk.

Earlier today, after school, my sister, mum and I went into town to buy some bits and bob. We ended up buying some Maccy Ds just because it was there!

Junk food chains are so popular by so many because they are so convenient. Drive-throughs on the dual carriageway, dotted around shopping centres and conveniently situated on the way home from school.

From now on, I need to avoid all fast food chains! Going to be difficult so wish me luck!

P.s. Latin GCSE over! WOOHOO. Just two more exams left.