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February 3, 2012

Sponsored walk

I am planning to go to Madagascar next summer for which I need to raise £3000. To do this, I have held a Krispy Kreme sale which made me 10% of what I need and I also did a walk of the central line from West Ruislip to Leytonstone… in fancy dress.

Guess what we were?

I did it with my best friend. It was horrible but we got through it, and hopefully I can get together my money.

Oh, also, we came 2nd in house drama if you were wondering!
Back at school tomorrow and Sunday for Duke of Edinburgh, no weekend for me then.


February 2, 2012

House Drama: Woman in Mind- Alan Ayckbourn

As I refuse to do any homework tonight, I thought I would share with you the fun antics that is House Drama. I am at a private school in London, where we are split into 6 houses: Astell, Baylis, Elliot, Fanklin, Hepworth and Kingsley- all named after respectable women. Over the course of the school year, we have various house competitions such as sport, music, chess, art, cooking and drama.

Excitement is always incredibly high as each an every pupil takes these competitions very seriously. After all, the overall winning house wins the Fine Trophy at the end of the year. Our school is like Hogwarts in a way.

The play needs to be between 12 and 15 minutes long, excluding lighting changes and scene changes but including curtain roll. It must be directed by the drama captain. The chosen play can be an original, or based on a published play (which is probably the wiser and safer option.)

So our house, Astell, has chosen a play called ‘Woman in Mind.’ Personally, I have not read the entire play so I could be wrong in thinking the following: The play is about a madwoman who has an imaginary family and a real family. The plot is based on the existence of them both, with the audience not knowing which is real, until the end of the play where all is revealed.

I am not an actress, and am only taking part because a part needed to be filled at short notice. But with an excellent choice of play, I am enjoying it and am looking forward to tomorrow.
I’ll make sure I take loads of pictures and keep you posted on how it goes.

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