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June 21, 2011


Today I received news, from the dentist, that I have two dental cavities. I have had no problems with my teeth in the past. I have needed neither braces nor fillings, ever, so this has come to me as a huge shock.
I eat very healthily as I keep a watchful eye on my weight and I am fully aware of the doings of acid erosion; but never did I think that being healthy would cause teeth damage. I thought a glass of fresh orange juice, not from concentrate, each morning with my breakfast would only do me good. I was wrong!
Orange juice is a killer! It has caused me two dental cavities and therefore two fillings are needed. A painful experience of an injection of local anesthetic into my mouth with a result of two disgustingly obvious fillings, for the rest of my life!

News which bares disappointment and grief is the worst news of all. I never handle it well. Today, I cried as soon as the dentist told me the verdict, (bless the poor man.) I like to think I am emotionally strong and can always try and find the silver lining of every cloud thrown at me but that couldn’t be further away from the truth. I struggle to accept bad news and I never behave in a correct manner after hearing it. I act irrational: today, on the way home from the dentist, I blamed my mother for buying orange juice, when I know if she didn’t buy the juice, I would have been annoyed.

The quality of accepting bad news well is not one I acquire but I do hope that I get it soon as I’m schedules for the fillings in just over a month and at the moment, the thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

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May 30, 2011

Homemade latte

Don’t get me wrong, a cup of tea is lovely, but coffee is something I cannot live without! It all started a few years ago, when exams began to get serious and all nighters were the key. My friends took me to Starbucks to buy me the most luscious latte and from then on, I haven’t passed a Starbucks or Costa and not bought a cup of coffee.

However, now that I have sixteen exams in the space of two months, I have realised that my bank account does not stretch for a few professional cups of coffee every time I decide to have an all nighter. So I went on a hunt.

Before I say any more… the following recipe is not mine. I found it on a blog when searching using Google: I am not trying to take credit for the following recipe.

Top recipe for a frothy latte coffee that you can make at home without any fancy percolator or whatnot. Unless you count one of those cheapy electric coffee whisks as fancy.

You will need;
A microwave
A Cheapy electric coffee whisk

Ingredients (for one mug);
1 tsp coffee granules (any will do)
1tsp sugar (optional)
1 part water
2 parts milk

Step 1
Boil the kettle

Step 2
Place in the mug which you will be drinking out of the sugar and coffee granules an sugar and a splash of milk. With a teaspoon mix until you have a dark brown paste.

Step 3
In another mug pour in the rest of the milk and microwave on full power for 1 minute 20 seconds (roughly).

Step 4
When the kettle boils fill the mug which you will be drinking out of 1/3 full. Stir.

Step 5
When the microwave got ping take out the milks and whisk using the electric whisk for about a minute or so making sure that you slowly lift the whisk out of the mug, whilst on, to create a foam on top of the milk. Then pour the milk slowly into the other mug. Stir again and serve.

This is a Godsend.

Seeing as the weather is amazing today… I am off to make myself an iced latte. Enjoy the recipe above (and I repeat, it is not mine!) and have a good day.