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February 21, 2012


I haven’t had internet or 6 days! :O
Shocking I know, but last week, on Wednesday and Thursday, budding Oxbridge candidates from Forest School went to visit  both Cambridge and Oxford universities, for tours, to look around colleges and to see what life would be like if we were to attend.

I think it is fair to say that for many of us, the dream of attending such prestigious colleges are merely what we would like and not necessarily what will happen. However, this didn’t subtract from our trip to two truly stunning cities.

In summary:
Cambridge was a tiny city, more so a large town and I felt I knew my way round after 5 hours spent there. Nevertheless, it was a stunning city. It looks just as pretty as it does in the pictures with a winding river through the centre.









Oxford on the other hand was a mixture of a picturesque and modern city which created quite a bizarre world. We were walking down a road and on one side would be a building, several hundred of years old, and on the other side would be a giant glass and metal structure. However it was still somewhere I would only dream of being in 2 years.

Over-all it was a pleasant experience and I can only hope that I will be at either place when I finish school.

Oh and thanks to: Bella, Velma, Ant, Ed, Will and Josh who were there for me and cheered me up when I was very poorly in Oxford. Much love to you all xoxo

June 22, 2011

Food for Convenience

I am trying to go back to my size 6 bod as I want to look good for Portugal this summer! It is not happening!
I am trying to eat healthily, cutting down on the carbohydrates, finding alternatives for dairy products, water instead of juice etc but it is incredibly hard when everything around me tempts me to eat junk.

Earlier today, after school, my sister, mum and I went into town to buy some bits and bob. We ended up buying some Maccy Ds just because it was there!

Junk food chains are so popular by so many because they are so convenient. Drive-throughs on the dual carriageway, dotted around shopping centres and conveniently situated on the way home from school.

From now on, I need to avoid all fast food chains! Going to be difficult so wish me luck!

P.s. Latin GCSE over! WOOHOO. Just two more exams left.

June 21, 2011


Today I received news, from the dentist, that I have two dental cavities. I have had no problems with my teeth in the past. I have needed neither braces nor fillings, ever, so this has come to me as a huge shock.
I eat very healthily as I keep a watchful eye on my weight and I am fully aware of the doings of acid erosion; but never did I think that being healthy would cause teeth damage. I thought a glass of fresh orange juice, not from concentrate, each morning with my breakfast would only do me good. I was wrong!
Orange juice is a killer! It has caused me two dental cavities and therefore two fillings are needed. A painful experience of an injection of local anesthetic into my mouth with a result of two disgustingly obvious fillings, for the rest of my life!

News which bares disappointment and grief is the worst news of all. I never handle it well. Today, I cried as soon as the dentist told me the verdict, (bless the poor man.) I like to think I am emotionally strong and can always try and find the silver lining of every cloud thrown at me but that couldn’t be further away from the truth. I struggle to accept bad news and I never behave in a correct manner after hearing it. I act irrational: today, on the way home from the dentist, I blamed my mother for buying orange juice, when I know if she didn’t buy the juice, I would have been annoyed.

The quality of accepting bad news well is not one I acquire but I do hope that I get it soon as I’m schedules for the fillings in just over a month and at the moment, the thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

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