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June 18, 2011

Just a rotten cherry on top of a deflated cake

My day was going terribly from the moment I got up. I woke thinking: yet another day of intensive Latin and German revision. Less than two days till my first day of two exams and I could not be more unprepared.
But I couldn’t start to revise straight away as I had to go off to work from 11 till half 1, which was terrible. Admin. staff were on a special kind of aggravated mood just to add to my disgusting day.
I only got home at 2 to have a late lunch and bake some quick brownies to get my spirits back up. Just as I put the brownie mix into the oven, I dropped my blackberry into the sink. My blackberry, which I received as a present from my mother just nine days ago, is now dead.

Of course I panicked, screamed, wasted time while my phone was chilling in water. Mistake #1. The first thing I tried to do was see if everything worked. Mistake #2. I then grabbed my blow dryer and started to heat my phone. Mistake #3.

I screwed my head on straight before I did anything else. I Googled ‘What to do when you drop your blackberry in water?’ and I found out about my numerous mistakes. I found different blogs and websites where I was told to sit my blackberry in some rice. So now my phone is buried in rice and will be for the next 4 days.

I keep trying to tell myself that it is good that I won’t be distracted from exams for the next few days, but I need my phone! What if it never wakes up?! My beloved blackberry. ):

So here’s a few tips for anyone who will repeat my unlucky situation:

1) Turn your phone off straight away. The longer you keep it on, the more time you allow for the water to seep into the electric circuits and damage your phone.

2) Take out the battery: The source of power will be the first to be damaged by water. Take out your SIM card: Worst case scenario, your phone never wakes up, you still have your SIM.

3) Place both your phone and battery in a bowl of uncooked, dry rice. This will dry out any excess water left in your phone. Preferably put in an airing cupboard, but unfortunately I don’t have one.

4) Leave it in the bowl for 3 hours-3 days. The longer the better. But DO NOT turn on your phone for at least 3 days. This will just fry your phone.

5) After a few days, plug your phone into a charger without the battery. If this works, then with the battery.

Hope your phones are all fine. Please pray for mine.
I’m off to cut my sister’s hair. So excited.